Gary the Gadget Guy

"Greetings and salutations all. Time to conduct an experiment!"

Gary is a prolific and eccentric inventor. He leads a double-life as the brilliant gear specialist G, a high-ranking Elite Penguin Force Agent.

Favorite snack: Fish dish pizza

Favorite game: Chess

Why you should meet him: To learn about dinosaurs, space, and medieval times or conduct experiments together.

Where you might find him: Keep an eye out for Gary at any scientific event on the island.

Random facts:

  • He collects insects
  • He's a big fan of the film Night of the Living Sled
  • He has built lots of the technology around the island, including: the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts, the Pizzatron 3000, jet packs in Jet Pack Adventure, and the Aqua-Grabber


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