Herbert P. Bear, Esquire

"MWAHAHA! Look alive Elite Penguin FOOLS!"

Herbert was stranded on Club Penguin while looking for a warm place to live. He's grumpy, selfish, and unexpectedly, a vegetarian. He hates snow, noise, and penguins and often comes up with complex plans to thwart all three. He is the island's most notorious villain and his trusty sidekick, Klutzy the Crab, never leaves his side.

Favorite snack: Seaweed Pizza

Favorite game: Mind Games

Why you should meet him: To foil his evil plans

Where you might find him: Herbert is usually in his lair plotting something, but he occasionally appears on the island to remind everyone how brilliant he is.

Random facts:

  • He can't swim
  • He successfully destroyed the PSA with the Popcorn Device
  • He's actually quite the snazzy dancer
  • He doesn't like to be called Herbie Werbie


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