PH - The Puffle Handler

"The wilderness is calling!"

PH is a wilderness and puffle expert. She has an infectious enthusiasm for adventure and lives for new puffle discoveries. She often gets into dangerous situations but always uses her training to get herself out.

Favorite snack: O'berries

Favorite game: Puffle Round Up

Why you should meet her: She'll teach your puffle a new trick and tell you about her latest discovery.

Where you might find her: When not out exploring the Wilds, PH can most often be found in the Pet Shop or Puffle Hotel

Random facts:

  • She has one pet puffle - Pete
  • She trains all the Elite Puffles for the EPF
  • She discovered three of the puffle species: the brainy brown puffle, the majestic rainbow puffle, and the lucky gold puffle.


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