"How long can you last against my Snow Minions?!"

Tusk was trapped beneath the snow for years and trained to become the supreme master of Snow. He is Sensei's one-time childhood friend, now ultimate enemy, and seeks revenge and recognition as the most powerful ninja.

Favorite snack: Swordfish Steak (rare)

Favorite game: Card-Jitsu Snow

Why you should meet him: To defeat him in battle and bring balance to the elements

Where you might find him: Ninjas who wish to help defeat Tusk must first speak to Sensei at the Dojo and learn the ways of the ninja.

Random facts:

  • To defeat Sensei, he has built Snow Minions and sends them into battle against the ninjas
  • Weighs more than a two ton truck
  • Sensei uses his missing tusk as a walking stick


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