How can I talk with other penguins?

It's easy to introduce yourself to new friends, invite penguins to play a game with you, tell a joke, start a dance party, or announce a party in your igloo.

There are two ways to chat: Use our provided words and phrases, or type your own messages.

  • To use provided words and phrases, click the speech bubble icon on the far left of your screen
  • To type messages you must be set to Standard Safe Chat
  • Start typing in the chat bar
  • Word suggestions will appear above the chat bar
  • If you see the word you're looking for, select it
  • You can continue typing, and selecting word suggestions until your message is complete
  • If the word you want to use doesn't show up, you can type your own
  • Everything will be checked by our filters and moderators to ensure appropriateness

How to Contact Us

If you have questions that aren't addressed in our Help Section, please send us an email via our contact support page. We will try to respond to you within two business days. Contact Support.