How do I unlock a Toy Code?

When you see the lock icon, you know your Club Penguin toy or product has a code that will unlock items online. Make sure to keep the code safe – it can only be used once, so don't lose it!Go to Login with your penguin name and password. If you don't already have a penguin, first create a free account.

  • If you have a toy, click on the "I've got a Code" tab, then enter your toy code and click the 'Next' button. Make sure you enter the code exactly as it appears.

    Enter your code correctly, and you'll gain access to the Treasure Book!

  • If you unlock a puffle code, you'll be asked to give your pet a name! If you already have the maximum 20 puffles, you'll receive a bonus item instead.

  • If your code unlocks a special item that you already have the maximum of, you'll receive a bonus item instead.

    To learn how to choose your items, click 'Choosing your Treasure Book items'.

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