Card-Jitsu Fire

  • Where: In the Dojo



    • Click on the door to the Fire Dojo
    • To start a match, click on a practice mat or speak to Sensei
    • On your turn, select the stone to determine the spaces you can move (you'll have two options)
    • Choose your tile
    • Land on a fire, water or snow square - players will battle using that element
    • Land on an Amulet square - the player who lands on the square chooses the element to be played
    • Land on a battle square - the player can choose an opponent and battles in a round of Card-Jitsu
    • Land on a square that already has another player on it - the two players battle in a round of Card-Jitsu


    Tips and Tricks:

    • The player who wins the individual battle will not lose any energy
    • The players who lose individual battles will each lose one energy
    • If you directly challenge one player, the player who won gains one energy while the player who lost loses one energy
    • If your opponent selects an element card that you don't have, get rid of your lowest numbered card
    • If you're playing and someone quits, you get the experience points. If you quit, you don't get any points.

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