Pizzatron 3000

  • Where: Click on the kitchen, in the Pizza Parlor, located in the Plaza.


    • Follow the orders as they appear on the screen
    • Drag the pizza toppings on to the pizzas as they move along the conveyor belt
    • Earn coins for complete pizzas
  • Tips and Tricks:

    • Spoiler Alert: For a sweet treat, change the Pizzatron 3000 to the secret Candy Mode
    • Making several correct pizzas in a row will earn you tips
    • If you make an incorrect pizza you will get to remake it
    • You can only make five incorrect pizzas
    • To earn the Food Fiasco stamp you'll need to make three incorrect pizzas - and make a mess of the kitchen. To do this, drag the toppings over the pizza, then throw them away.

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