What do I do if someone else is bullying me, or someone else online?

If you encounter a mean or rude penguin while playing, you can report them to our moderation team. Click the “M” (Report Player) icon on their player card to report a player. Our moderators will review the report and ban any penguins who have broken the rules.


After reporting the penguin, you can also add them to your Ignore List, by clicking on the “ghost” (Ignore Player) icon on their Player Card. Once they’re on your Ignore List, you will no longer see what that penguin says or does. You could also go to a different room, or switch servers.


Tell your parent, guardian, or other trusted adult anytime you see bullying anywhere, or are bullied yourself, so that it can be stopped.


Learn more about the safety partners Club Penguin works with.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions that aren't addressed in our Help Section, please send us an email via our contact support page. We will try to respond to you within two business days. Contact Support.