How/where do I buy items?

Looking for new clothing? Or new furniture to decorate your igloo with? There's tons of items, and the best part is, there's something new every month!

    • Go to the Clothes Shop in the Town to check out the Penguin Style catalog. It has all the latest clothing, accessories, penguin colors, backgrounds and flags.
    • At the Stadium you can find the Snow and Sports catalog. You can buy sports jerseys and equipment, plus sports gear for your igloo.
    • Some games also have Game Upgrade catalogs. Check out Sled Racing, Catchin' Waves, Ice Fishing, DJ3K, and Hydro Hopper.
    • Ninjas can purchase items from the Martial Artworks catalog in the Dojo.
    • The Treasure Book has items that are only available by using codes from merchandise. Visit our Toys Help page to learn more about unlocking items from the Treasure Book.

How to Contact Us

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