Внимание, пингвины! Со 2 сентября 2015 года вы больше не сможете играть в “Клуб пингвинов” на русском языке. Ваш профиль пингвина сохранится, и вы сможете играть на английском, французском, португальском и испанском языках. Узнать больше.

Задания секретных агентов

You can play the PSA Missions in English, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.
Scroll down the page to select a language to play in.
  • #1 Case of the Missing Puffles

    Aunt Arctic's pet puffles are missing. Can Penguin Secret Agents find and rescue them? Break codes, use spy gadgets and face many more obstacles!

  • #2 G's Secret Mission

    G, brilliant inventor for the Penguin Secret Agency, needs help testing new equipment. Use agent skills to solve G's riddle.

  • #3 Case of the Missing Coins

    Coins from the Gift Shop vault are mysteriously missing. Can Penguin Secret Agents use their spy gadgets and elite skills to find them and solve the mystery?

  • #4 Avalanche Rescue

    Secret Agents are needed when a Ski Hill avalanche leaves some penguins stranded. Finding mysterious clues and assemble rescue tools is all in a day's work.

  • #5 Secret of the Fur

    Penguin Secret Agents analyze and find the source of some mysterious fur. Who is Club Penguin's villain? Complete the mission to find out.

  • #6 Questions for a Crab

    The mysterious crab from Mission 5 gets away! Penguin Secret Agents must follow it, escape Herbert P. Bear's trap and foil his evil plans.

  • #7 Clockwork Repairs

    Agent G shows a video of the clock tower destruction at the Snow Forts! Penguin Secret Agents must be resourceful to fix the clock and save the island.

  • #8 Mysterious Tremors

    Agent G has evidence that Herbert P. Bear is behind the destructive tremors around the island. Penguin Secret Agents must solve the mystery!

  • #9 Operation: Spy & Seek

    Penguin Secret Agent mission: set up three special transmitters to help track villain Herbert P. Bear!

  • #10 Waddle Squad

    Agents have tracked villain Herbert. Now on a secret mission and with help from G, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy, they must use their penguin spy skills to trap him.

  • #11 The Veggie Villain

    The Penguin Secret Agency will do whatever it takes to protect agent IDs. Agents face an epic showdown with Herbert P. Bear that will change the PSA forever!