Внимание, пингвины! Со 2 сентября 2015 года вы больше не сможете играть в “Клуб пингвинов” на русском языке. Ваш профиль пингвина сохранится, и вы сможете играть на английском, французском, португальском и испанском языках. Узнать больше.

Waddle Squad

You can play the PSA Missions in English, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.
Scroll down the page to select a language to play in.

#10 Waddle Squad

Having successfully tracked down and intercepted information from Herbert in their last mission, the Agent has waited anxiously for HQ to call them in again. Agents speak with G, Jet Pack Guy and Rookie regarding a top-secret mission with a golden puffle. The PSA’s mission is to guard the golden puffle statue in the Night Club. The briefing is interrupted by Herbert (via webcam) who says that he’s coming after all of the puffles. Rookie blurts out that Herbert will never catch the golden puffle. Herbert changes his plans to focus on capturing the golden puffle. Agents can:

  • hear the Director telling them that the golden puffle is a fake to trap Herbert
  • help the Gift Shop manager
  • help Rookie to power the needed magnet
  • help Jet Pack Guy to fuel the jet pack
  • set the trap for Herbert
  • trap Herbert
  • see Rookie give Herbert his spy phone... and watch the villain escape...